Levitating bottle inside the Harry Potter themed bin.
Removable insert
How the insert is held within the bin. There is also a handle for ease of picking it out.
Large target to hide the inside of the bin but also create a fun target for the kids.
Harry Potter Magic Bin

Brief that I created: Design a concept for young families (with kids from around 3-10) to help encourage children to recycle while being fun for them and gives the parents more of a reason to make an effort to recycle.

Result: Therefore I created the Harry Potter Magic Bin. When children throw the cans and bottles at the target on the lid, they roll forwards and into the gap and seemingly disappear. There is actually a mirror that goes diagonally down so the empty half is mirrored for a complete empty bin. I attached half a bottle to the middle of the mirror so it appears there is a bottle levitating inside of the bin. There is a large screen for the kids to see this.

There is a removable insert to easily pick out and put all the recycling in the green recycling bin outside.

Chris Green
Student Product Designer Leeds, United Kingdom