The new design
The old design
the old interface
Renderings of the new interface. Illustrated here by Pat Lab from Carleton University
Redesign of a washing machine Interface

Brief: find an interface that you think could be better designed and improve it.

Duration: 5 Weeks Group work at Carleton University. All work shown is my own unless otherwise stated.

Result: After doing user testing we came up with a complete redesign of the room as well as the design. We raised the payment terminal up, and simplified it. We changed where these terminals were in the room so they could be used easier. As for the actual machine:
-we raised the interface up
-we angled the front, the interface and the drum to make taking clothes out easier and to see the buttons.
-we made the interface more logical so people would work from left to right in a straight line.
-too make it easier to know where to put the detergent and stain remover we put a label above the tray.

Chris Green
Student Product Designer Leeds, United Kingdom