The problems the kettle fixes.
The Interface on the device. Touch screen. Simply scroll up and down through the settings.
The app. Simple and much like the interface on the device.
How to use the kettle.
Some of the initial concepts.
Focus group Results.
Illustrator rendering
The MOCO Kettle

Brief: Design a product to try and address the problem of over use of water in the average British home and make people realise it is a valuable resource.

Duration: 5 week Level 2.

Result: My answer was the Moco kettle. A device that:
- filters water so less limescale
-fills the kettle up to your exact specifications
-has steam to water system
-has variable heat to settings
-can be controlled via an app through WiFi
-has a keep warm mode and thermometer so no need to reboil.

All these things mean the life of the tea maker is simplified but is also helping the environment, the best of both worlds.

Chris Green
Student Product Designer Leeds, United Kingdom