Sectional View
Initial Idea. The orb. The final design was taken from this design, but encompassed a lot more storage room. I prefer the decorative design of this one but I could not fit enough sewing gear in.
Initial Idea
Initial Idea
Initial Idea
Initial Idea
Initial Idea. Based on a tree. An abstract sewing 'box' at best.
Initial Idea. The hoovering magnetic ball so you never lose you needles.
The Sew Light

Brief: Find a storage problem and solve it.

Duration: 2 weeks, Carleton University

Result: A sewing box that doesn't have to be hidden away, that isn't just a cheap plastic box. Ever struggle for light when you are trying to thread the needle?
The Sew Light has room for all your sewing gear plus more but also provides enough light to see every stitch. And when you are not sewing..? Then it provides a simplistic, attractive lamp on your side table.

Chris Green
Student Product Designer Leeds, United Kingdom