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U of M Hall of Honor

Edge Illuminated Glass Donor Recognition Display
for Nordquist
Original Concept by LA, Ink.

This glass display was built using a fabricated aluminum base, CNC cut and brake formed
aluminum sheet metal with wood veneer finish. The glass is two individual panels of
clear Starphire glass and bronze glass with etched and paint in-filled artwork and donor names.
Cove lighting under the displays, as well as edge illumination was achieved using LED
light modules. The glass is supported with a structure I designed to allow for service access
without the need to remove the entire display from the wall.
My responsibilities for this project included designing the housing for the glass panels,
determining the optimal size of each section to fit the available wall opening, lighting design
to cast light on only the etched panels, and coordinating installation.

Chris Haar
Senior Project Designer Minneapolis, MN