Here are some examples of mailshots that I designed during my placement. These were made using Photoshop and Indesign. A mailshot would be done if we had a new product or brochure launching and would be sent to all our customers.
Here are some examples of email footers, these were made every few months and would showcase a new product or brochure.
Here are some examples of work I did for the London showroom. The Tubemap shows company background, products and values for each company that uses the showroom. The stencil design for the light boxes was designed on Illustrator.
Here are some examples of sign off drawings for a big project, this was done for a University library.
This is an example of an installation guide which would be made for fitters who had not installed our products before.
This is an example of some production drawings. These are done for the parts that change size/dimensions when the product changes size.
This is an example of a bracket guide. I used 3DSMax to make the renders, Indesign was used for the layout.
During my time at Era I had an input on many brochures and guides, here are some examples from various brochures.
Placement year at Era

Here is some of the work I did during my year placement at Era. This was a great opportunity for me to apply the skills I learnt from University in a professional environment.

Chris Laws
Product Designer Reading, United Kingdom