These are sketches for the handle. When I was designing the handle I was always thinking about the ergonomics and how it would fit the range of users.
Prototypes of the handle to test ergonomics and the mechanism. The first is made out of foam and the second is 3D printed.
Development on the lid, sketches and prototypes. I tested the prototypes to see how well they contained the liquid and how easy they were to drink out of.
Function board; includes information on user, material, production and how parts of it work.
Form board which shows the product in its environment and how it fits in a hand.
Animation showing more of the mug and how the handle fits together.

University project: Movers and Shakers. I designed a mug to help people who suffer from a tremor drink hot liquids. In my research I found that tremor sufferers often use a stress ball to reduce the tremors. I applied this to my mug with the trigger that the user squeezes down on when drinking. There is also an optional lid as tremors get worse over time.

Chris Laws
Product Designer Reading, United Kingdom