COMO Firewood Stand

For this project I was asked to imagine if Ikea was a brand that originated from my hometown instead of being a Swedish Company. However, the general idea behind Ikea products had to stay: flat packing, easy DIY assemly, unobtrusive aesthetic.

Hudson is a small rural town 45 minutes outside the city of Montreal. Like many other towns across Canada, Hudson is subject to the four seasons. Therefore, when the winter months come along, the fireplace is commonly seen as a place of gathering.

This is what lead me to create a product that eases the process of creating and maintaining a fire. This firewood stand has a removable 'bag' which is brought to where the wood is stashed, and easily refilled. With its barn door and lantern resemblances, the product gracefully fits in to its intended country setting.

Christopher Snell
Industrial Design Student Toronto, Canada