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Car Retail companies' Dilemma.
Travel agencies' concurrence. The Big Ones have their nerve with smaller companies getting more market impact.
The Top Manager of "Praktiker Mart" desparetely tries to save his business from going bancrupt. It did't help either.
Corporate Social Responsibility.
Here: In order to enhance their image, microsoft installs milk collecting-systems for indian milk farmers.
Will Hapag-Lloyds Container-ship branche will go bancrupt, then?
A Group of different firms bought the Conatiner-ship Branche by Hapag-Lloyd.
But they have no idea in which direction it should be steered.
Corporate Social Responsibility
German Blue-Chip company Infineon has a big problem:
The managers build a small group in order to ensure their own careers, and fight against new colleagues.
This is not the climate for a successful company, isn't it?
Change Management
illustrations about economy

Projects: Some illustrations about economy, done for : Manager Magazin & Harvard Business Manager (both from Germany).

More illustrations by Christian Barthold here:

Christian Barthold
Illustrator & Communication-Designer (FH-Diploma) Köln, Germany