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Etiopia (IT for Ethiopia) is the concept for an open source off-road racing vehicle, destined to cross the most inhospitable and wild territories at high speed: grasslands, savannah, deserts, mountains and swamps. Its reference race is the Dakar.

The project aims to solve the aims to solve the contradiction between the track and the off-road in an innovative way. The bodywork is sinuous and tapered with different avant-garde aerodynamic solutions (front wing, side wings and diffusers) deriving from the track (e.g. Le Mans) while the frame is instead suitable to withstand the many roughness of the uneven ground, by inspiring to the best kind of off-roads, the Mars rovers.
Etiopia is driven by two electric motors, arranged one on the front and the other on the back. They are powered by a battery pack, which are recharged by solar panels and KERS.
The four wheels are all traction and steering pneumatically.
The tires are empty and puncture-proof.

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Freelance, Full-time
Christian Spreafico
Design Bergamo, Italy