Colby Cheese (Illustrator)

Meet Colby Cheese, an inquisitive young skateboarder. Join Colby on his first investigation to discover where he is from. Colby is really excited to find out where he was born. This answer does not come easy and will take some serious investigating - an investigation that will take Colby and his skateboard on an amazing adventure all over the world! Will he ever find out where he is from and solve this investigation? One thing is for sure, Colby Cheese learns a lot about other cultures as he travels to all seven continents. Journey with Colby into the world of cheese as Colby Cheese, Skater Investigator investigates the case of, "Where Am I From?", an adventure that teaches us about the world we live in and the kindness and love we all share.

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Freelance, Full-time
Christian Torres
Graphic Design Long Pond, PA