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Big working table in the center help to open more space rather than showing some cubicles with partitions. This area is used for department who often need direct communication compare to other departments
Some area with cubicles are dedicated for some department dealing with classified information. Yet the partitions become part of the interior itself, which can be used as shelves.
One of cubicle design showing plane and box shape, enhanced with different material characteristic dark as matt and timber as textured material, the shape of each form becomes more bold. The break between partition was meant to show playful element yet to make form clearer
Another colour scheme option, with white as a base and colourful chairs and lamps for more playful element
Office pantry with simple form and continuing the same material used in working area
Two options of colour scheme. Black to show some coziness and elegance, white with some bright colour to give playfulness in the working place
Delizia office, Indonesia

Office interior, clustered by each different department with more open concept. Since the area is not quite big, open concept with low partition help to make adequate room to work. Partition functioned as book shelves for each cubicle help to save some space and show clean design

Agata Christina
Architecture Designer singapore, Singapore