The images in this book share the life of Frank Michael Serchia of Niagara Falls, NY. They were sourced from various generations of photo albums from Franks’ childhood, marriage, and fatherhood- the photographs I kept to remember him after losing him in February of 2018. . The back of each page reveals the back of each actual photograph with Frank’s own handwriting, his mother Amelia’s handwriting, and his wife Gerianne’s to describe the people and places in each image. Each scanning the signs of age and history in every photograph.

Printed on Mohawk superfine paper and housed in a walnut wooden box with my father's handwriting engraving the cover. Limited edition of ten.

Published by Just Friends Studio.
Handmade at London Centre for Book Arts.
Walnut wooden cover and archive box by Fred Crouch.
Printed by F. E. Burman.

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Christine Marie Serchia
Art Director. Designer. Curator. London, United Kingdom