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three floor walk through of giant bugs - this room is designed to make the indvidual fell small in comparison to the large machanical bugs hovering through out the room
first floor - all three floors will be linked by two large tree trunks that will span up to the ceiling.
first floor -- ant pully
See through bug wall - These four glass walls will show a disection of the bugs pertaining to each floor. From the front plane you will be able to see the whole bug as you walk aroung the differnt walls you will be able to see the a disection of the bug.
third floor
each of the three floor have two viewing windows allowing the people to get sneak peek of the bug room.
third floor - fly room. a place where people have the abilty to take flightin a controlled enviroment
view of bug room
Bug Exhibit 1/8th scale
Bug Exhibit - Third Floor (Wasps) to thre back left is a fly chamber like the one used to simulate sky diving or this case flying like a bug.
Bug Exhibit - expanded view. first floor (ground level bugs, in this case ants. to the center left of the first floor is and pully system to show the strength of ants followed by a walk through of differnt types of ants from around the world.
Bug Exhibit - second floor(mid level bugs) mantids. towards the center is a game designed to test your reflex - foam ball are blown through and air chamber where you have the ability to attempt to catch them using the machanical mantid arms. To the back left and front right are display case showing different types of mantids.
third floor
thrid floor
third floor - individual containers allowing to see different types of wasps
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Exhibit design