EVS Apparel Design : SV-2 Snowmobile Protective Vest

SV-2 Trail snowmobile protective riding vest apparel design for EVS. Performance features (puncture resistant core, molded protective rib panels, Recco emergency location system) and styling throughout makes this one of the lightest, strongest protective riding vests on the market and paves brave new ground for EVS's growth in this category. Design starts life as sketch concepts exploring different paneling and unique sublimation graphic pattern treatments, then evolves into final tech packs / design specs sent to manufacturing partners and developed through multiple rounds of samples until final market release.

Lead Product Designer / CMF (Colors/Materials/Finishes) : Christoper Armstrong
Product Photography: Sergio Aguilar, Tucker Crisfield
Product Developer: Cat Bell
Design Director: Jason Barnes

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Christopher Armstrong
Senior Industrial Designer & Product Developer Long Beach, CA