Gridiron Labs 2030 NFL Helmet

2030 Future NFL helmet design for Gridiron Labs. A trailblazing concept exploring "what if?" future possibilities of what a more streamlined, versatile, and interactive game of football could look like.

Design is a process - before committing to final 3D CAD model, many iterations of mechanical helmet functions/engineering and styling details and brand placement are explored through quick pen & paper sketches, then through tighter sketches in Photoshop. Design is all in the details, so once a particular styling direction is chosen, subtle detail treatments such as front and rear ventilation patterns are then dialed-in. Minimal venting, unique seamless facemask integration into helmet, front & rear player cameras, onboard visor HUD display, and noise-cancelling wireless communications are a radical departure from the clumsy NFL helmet designs of today.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Christopher Armstrong
Senior Industrial Designer & Product Developer Long Beach, CA