Hazard 4 Retail Display / POP / Graphic Design

Hazard 4 2015 Gander Mountain retail installation, to follow the look & feel of new graphic standards for the brand. Working alongside the in-house graphics team I designed all infographics, photography, and an overall graphic layout / composition to explain multiple complex product features in one elegant retail store end-cap and isle displays. I wanted to push color-blocking and dynamic angles of these landscape headers to emulate a unique tabbed folder or "case files" style, which separates each individual product feature / descriptions. Hazard 4 is known as a premiere brand within the tactical marketplace, so this display was used to communicate the high performance / high function product attributes and to elevate the customer's brand experience in the retail environment.

Lead Graphic Direction & Layout / Final Print Media: Christopher Armstrong
Product Photography & Supportive Infographics : Luis Zavalo

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Christopher Armstrong
Senior Industrial Designer & Product Developer Long Beach, CA