AAOPA Magazine Dec 2017 Feature
LIFT Aviation Pilot Footwear

LIFT Aviation represents a radical shift in innovation for the Aviation industry, taking outdated heritage products and updated them with influences from cutting-edge technologies and trends in sport, outdoors, and luxury.

All shoe models include the innovative FLIGHT SYSTEM™ patented rudder control heel slider technology, and RESPONSE CORE™ stability midsole.

The LIFT footwear collection includes five performance models with three color ways each - one PRO model (Merlin Fire Resistant), two Sport models (Dakota, Talon), and two Comfort models (Air Boss, Spinner). My responsibility as Lead on the project included the full R&D process: from initial concept exploration to development of fit & function, color and trim details in tight tech pack format, 3D CAD sole design and development & tooling, to working with meticulous QC details working with partners in Asia, including overseeing production at the factory-level.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Christopher Armstrong
Senior Industrial Designer & Product Developer Long Beach, CA