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Concept using standard suspension.
Concept using an adjustable, single arm sprung suspension.
Concept using hydraulic pads - As the user shifts their weight hydraulic fluid is pushed into the steering pistons.
Concept with adjustable air pistons - The user may pump up the pistons to the desired pressure thus stiffening the steering.
Semi-cross section of the telescopic air piston.
The prototype - more photos coming...
Breathe "Skateboard Trucks"

A common occurrence with standard trucks is spontaneous oscillation of the wheels at a set speed or speed range which causes the user to lose control. This is due to the latent resonant frequency of the board and is commonly known as speed wobble.
With standard skateboard trucks, this effect can be reduced by tightening the kingpin (main bolt), however by doing this it will also tighten the steering. Both may be undesired, and usually a compromise is set depending on the desired usage of the board.
The design’s steering mechanism and dampening method has been separated for the aforementioned reason and uses a bicycle headset to allow for greater rotation around a die-cast aluminium axle set at 45 degrees. The force (pressure applied by the user shifting his/her weight) is dampened with the use of injection moulded polyurethane rubber in a U-shape which is compressed against the aluminium die cast base-plate and its paddle situated on the axle of the design.

Product Designer London, United Kingdom