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The design may be stored and sold flat-pack for the eventual consumer to build themselves. It is easy to assemble and dismantle for the recycling process and may be customised. The design may be varnished with polyethylene, however it would then have to be pulped to be separated from the paper fibres which would then be recovered to make new paper products. The non-fibre remainder can be used in a number of applications including garden furniture and roofing materials.
Card-Go "Cardboard Hand Luggage"

The low-cost model of air-travel is currently prevalent, giving more people the chance to travel. That means a greater demand for hand luggage due to the associated surplus charges with hold baggage.
The problem linked with the majority of luggage available on the market is that it is made from plastics or a combination of materials which are inevitably difficult to dismantle and recycle; often the everyday consumer will throw it out once the zip breaks.
Cardboard may be a solution to this problem as it has been used for transportation for many years. It is light-weight, biodegradable and most of all cheap.

Product Designer London, United Kingdom