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image showing the internal canals where air is forced into a cavity between the breathable material (not shown in image) and back to create pockets of air to reduce perspiration, the air diffuses to the external part of the breathable material.
Ventilated Back Protector

The back protector is highly breathable due to the incorporated kinetically charged fan, it's also extremely ergonomic and offers great spinal protection from the cervical vertebrae to the coccyx. Aimed at the ski, snowboarding, skate and motorcycle market the design reflects the anatomy of the human body to reveal a true flexible exoskeleton which offers great freedom to its user whilst lowering the risk factor for injury.
The design mimics the movement of the anatomy, such as the flexion and extension of the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, longissimus thoracis, serrarus posterior etc...
The ribbed spine, lumbar mesh and ribs of the design allow for flexion, extention, lateral bending and rotation of the spine
The incorporated kinetic fan features a neodymium magnet and a coil of insulated copper wire which creates electricity which travels through a greatz circuit to a capacitor and switch that can be pressed through the spongiform back protector.

Product Designer London, United Kingdom