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Rendering of the Dermalogica Skin Bar - Top 3/4 View
Exploded-View of product, injection molded tray and center metal tray.
Pre-Production Concept Illustration - Concept A.
Pre-Production Concept Illustration - Axonometric Views.
Photo - Contracted Countertop
Photo - Expanded Countertop
Test Run Sample
In-Sore Production Piece - A.
In-Sore Production Piece - B.
In-Sore Production Piece - C.
In-Sore Production Piece - D.
In-Sore Production Piece - E.
In-Sore Production Piece - F.
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Dermalogica: Retail Skin Bar

Commissioned by Dermalogica to create a portable workspace where Skin Specialists could demonstrate Dermalogica's skin care products. Additionally, portions of the design were realistically 3D rendered to be placed on the website.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Chuck Godfrey
Senior Industrial Designer | Conceptual Designer | Retail Display Designer Cypress, CA