A for Aston Martin
B for BMW
C for Citroen
D for Ducati
E for Eagle
F for Ferarri
G for GMC
H for Honda - Hovercraft
I_Isuzu #vehicross
J for Jaguar
K for KTM ...X-bow inspired type thing
L - Lots of personal favorites Lamborghini - Aventador Lancia - Stratos Land Rover - Defender Lexus - Concept Coupe Lincoln - '65 Continental Lotus - Esprit Turbo 007
M: Maserati Maybach Mercedes Benz Mazda MINI
N for Nissan #Marsracerschallenge 'Support Vehicle'
Opel Porsche Keep it loose...
Q: Qoros R: Renault, Range Rover, Rolls Royce S: Saab
Tesla type thing...
Volvo supercar
X: X-wing fighter
Y - YES Z - Zagato

ABC Series of sketches - new letter, new brand...or vehicle
(collaboration with Jeep designers)

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Kevin J. Chun...
Creative, Conceptual Industrial & Transportation Design. Certified Fresh. Vista, CA