MINI: Less is More - My senior project...I wish I would have done something so much crazier...just not enough time!
MINI Final Model - Concept: Less is More...FUN! (25% Scale Clay Model)
Scion Project - Personal Playground - Calty Design Research/TMS sponsored project. I guess they liked my work:-)
Scion Project Ideation - a dry marker is still good for something!
Scion Project - Final VisCom assignment...concept cave drawing...
Lexus LHI - Luxury Hybrid Icon - Calty Design Research Internship Project. Basically, create something NEW! A hybrid ICON vehicle for the Lexus Brand.
Lexus LHI - Ideation
Lexus LHI Sideview - Calty Design Research Internship Lexus LHI - Luxury Hybrid Icon
Lexus LHI Sideview - Calty Design Research Internship, 25% Clay Model, Emphasis on sculptural bodyside
Quicksilver 'Jetty' - My favorite project. No pressure, I was living at the beach, surfing everyday...just drawing.
Quicksilver 'Jetty' - A super fun, off-term project
The 'Urban Triathlete' - This was the beginning of my MINI project for a stylish, single seat commuter. Joystick controls...would be really awesome to rip around town in!
Urban Triathlete ideation
Emocional.... - Napkin sketch turned pretty cool.
Cafe Racer - One of my passions. That's pretty much me when I ride...
Deuce... - just rippin...
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