California Concept Alfa - Cruisin' the Coast
#MotorCityMasters Transformers Autobot Challenge 'Sonic Boom' Concept Sketch
Jeep inspired...playing with water, waves, reflections.
Emerging from the Shadows - Photoshop Tip-up sketch on black. Sculptural exploration of intersecting surfaces and form...
rugged crossover type thing - photoshop sketch
Quick and dirrrty photoshop 'shooting brake'
freeflow... - keepin it clean, simple, graphic
Baby Lexus Coupe on FR-S....
Fun sketch - a sketch just for fun... my favorite...bic ballpoint pen 'hybrid sketch' ink and digital
quick red - freehand photoshop sketch...
Shark-esque - shark-nose sports coupe with a lot of form
Fun sketch 'Rugged II'
Ghosted - Sporty - Activity - Sedan/crossover type vehicle
Single Seat Racer. Black Sharpie on a Grocery Bag...revisited.
Race Fin - Inspired by the solo seat, big fin race cars of the 60's...
Single seat, exposed wheels, rear engine. Yes please.
Friday Shades of Grey - December Coupe
Santa's Dragon'sleigh'er. Christmas 2015
Blue Bic and a highlighter...Purple and Gold
MadMax Jeep
Quick and dirrrrrty
quick office doodle - Send It!
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Brightwork - Concept warm-up sketches
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Personal - Various Sketches

Random (vehicle) sketches/doodles/ideas for fun.

Kevin J. Chun...
Creative, Conceptual Industrial & Transportation Design. Certified Fresh. Vista, CA