Kraounakis - Portrait for an article on popular Greek singer/composer/writer Kraounakis. Well-known phrases and symbols from his lyrics are on his shirt.
Portraits - Portraits of a writers to accompany their articles, instead of the small photo that is usually used.
Mitsias - Illustration for article on famous greek singer Mitsias.
Greek summer - Illustration for an article on Greek songs associated with summer.
Back to work - Illustration for article on "Post-holiday depression"
Chat show - Illustration for a magazine article on how superficial, colourful and "flowery" chat shows are.
Flag cupboard - Illustration for an article on how we're adapting and becoming multicultural.
Poor & Rich
Economic hour-glass - Illustration for an article suggesting a cut-back on uneccessary spending during the economic crisis.
Game show - Illustration for article poking fun at Greek game-show contestants that bring along their whole family to "help" them win.
Adam & Eve - Illustration for an article on women who pay for sex!
Anarchy - Illustration for an article on Greek everyday life during Christmas 2008 riots, and the role the media plays in the general feeling of chaos and anarchy.
Storm - Illustration for magazine article on the economic crisis & "weathering the storm".
Work elevator - Illustration for article on the difficulties women face in getting promoted at work
Dead CD's - Illustration for an article on the extinction of the CD
Marriage - Illustration for an article on how sex changes after marriage.
supermarket books - Illustration for article on pros & cons of books being sold at supermarkets.
Turtle - Illustration for article on pollution on beaches during the summer months.
Eco-keys - Illustration for article on eco-friendly driving habits.
Wine spill - Illustration for article on damage done to the environment when buying food and other products that are not domestically grown, due to pollution created in order to transport them from abroad.
Starsigns 2008 / Gynaika mag - Starsign series for Gynaika magazine (2008)
Scorpio / 08 - Illustration from a series of the 12 star signs.
Starsigns 2009
Eco-housing - Series illustration for article on innovative ecological ideas women have thought of to help our environment. This woman has though of using spare space on buildings, rooftops, balconies, as extra "green" planting space. (Hundertwasser style idea)
Gynaika magazine Illustrations
Cina Moutafidou
Graphic designer / Illustrator Athens, Greece