cover - We all agree customization and “just do it!” will continue to be the trend for the next few years. This Air Jordan XXV was inspired by modular design concept that was widely used in modern Architecture and industrial design. This shoe is using a standard base structure, with separate upper/bottom components which can be re-assembled by consumers with their choice.
air jordan xxv comcept - It’s like LEGO, consumers are able to purchase the base frame with separate components to transform the shoe into an unique, customized look with different functionality. The parts are inserted into one another without cement, you can disassembled it into pieces and re-organized it based on your needs. For example, you play basketball with higher top collar and shox inserted in the midsole,, switch it to Air Max, lower the top line, you are ready for a run.
air jordan xxv comcept - This concept will be a challenge for current industrial technique/material, which bring us to the “The Transforme”, the final product led by above inspiration.
air jordan xxv comcept - Upper- light weight, low cut upper with mesh and “flywire” technique, separate component parts to transform it into high cut with better ankle support and different look. Bottom – switching combos under sockliner and midsole in forefoot and heel, the parts are fixed/stabilized by steps/inserts on the part itself. The combos will be visible through the crystal rubbers in forefoot and heel, the crystal outsole texture will be repetitive “XXV”. Thanks very much. CJ
air jordan xxv concept sketch
air jordan xxv concept sketch
air jordan xxv concept sketch
aj xxv design objective
CJ Jiang
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