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3M Ergonomics Mailer - Direct mailer to promote 3M Ergonomics products. ‘How does your body feel at the end of every workday?’ lead recipients to open the mailer, thus introducing the products to them.
3M 40th Anniversary Invitation Card, Booklet & Souvenir Packaging - With the idea of ‘Red Rendezvous Night’ to design an invitation card,
a souvenir and a booklet.

3M Company Profile Leaflet - A folded-leaflet company profile.
designed with clean and informative layout by using typography and photography to send 3M’s key messages.

Overlap effects and lines are the main design elements in this layout design.
3M Corporate Mailer (proposed) - Designed with the concept of “breakfast”.
Breakfast is the most vital meal as our body needs to be geared up with fuel to run the day. as business too, needs to be fueled up with breakfast, it is vital to make the right choice by choosing the right meal.
Through the complete set of nutritious breakfast (bread, milk, & egg) to represent three 3M’s I
( Imagination, Inspiration, Innovation)this mailer was intended to be sent out in a sequential series.
John Master Hari Raya Ad - Promote John Master’s Raya collection with the idea of ketupat weaving. The ketupat woven with palm leaves were meant to promote their new collection.
senQ Corporate Identity Guidebook - To create a consistent image for senQ to the public.
sen Q Ads (proposed) - CAMPAIGN.The question-like headlines lead readers to know more about the
benefits of senQ, while the colour apple green established the corporate colour of senQ to the public.
Annual Report Covers 1 (proposed) - (1)
Glomac Berhad (Property Company)

SPRITZER ( natural mineral water company)

Java Incorporated Berhad (harvesting, trading and manufacturing timber products)
Annual Report Covers 2 (proposed) - (1)
Poh Kong Group ( retailer of gold jewelleries and gemset jewelleries )

Yeo Hiap Seng Malaysia Group (production, marketing and sale of food, beverages and sweetened condensed milk )

Kurnia Insurans Malaysia Berhad ( Insurance Company)

Tsm Global Berhad (manufacturing and supplying wiring harnesses for motor vehicles, automotive accessories, automotive high tension ignition cable sets, polyvinyl chloride wires and cables )
S.P Setia Annual Report Cover & Layouts - Cover
S.P Setia provides the art of living your dreams whileminimising your negative impacts on the
environment. They also provides and enriches lifestyle experiences for your family, that they may
savour life to the fullest, building fond memories for generations to come.

Designed with the idea of
‘eco living’ by combining pictures and illustrations of flora and
Resintech Berhad Company Profile - Resintech Berhad is a company which produces high produce high
quality of solid wall high density
polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.

Using basic design
elements - shape, color, line to create a corporate company profile.
Product Catalogue (proposed) - With the idea of ‘Senses - aesthetic
indungence’ a clean and contemporary style catalogue was created to promote a new high quality establishment that is emerging into a highly competitive market.
Christmas Wall Illustration and Invitation Card - Send the message of telling people the reason of celebrating christmas; the birth of Jesus Christ.
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Commercial Projects
Clara Soon
Art Director Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia