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The initial pill shaped camera (shown above) tested well but there was something about the body language of moms that made it clear something was missing. After looking back at my notes I realized that the current solution had nothing to offer the child (Yes, I forgot the child) and decided to integrate the camera into a mirror. Mirrors provide more than visibility for a parent, they provide entertainment for the child which keeps them occupied and calm during the drive. The redesign tested much better among moms and improved the price point they would be willing to pay.
In vehicle child monitoring and heat stroke prevention

Every 10 days a child dies due to being trapped inside of a hot vehicle. While preventable injuries related to children in vehicles has reduced dramatically over the past 2 decades, the number of heat stroke fatalities has increased significantly and is the leading cause of non-crash related fatalities for children under the age of 15.

In today’s world, our attention is pulled in so many directions by so many things. Don’t take your eyes off the road to supervise your child. Don’t be distracted and not properly secure your infant in their seat. Don’t be distracted and forget your child is in the car… Solve all of these problems…. “Forget-Me-Not”

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Brad Clary
Product Development Engineer at Hamilton Casework Solutions Cincinnati, OH