GOOGLE: AGODA Executive Summit Event materials with focus on global expansion.
GOOGLE: TARGET Executive Summit Event materials for Target partnership using the iconic red cart.
GOOGLE: UBER Executive Summit Event materials for the fast-growing Uber.
GOOGLE: RAKUTEN TRAVEL Executive Summit Event materials using popualr Japanese characters.
ZUBUCHON LOGO: A Cebu-based lechon chain by Filipino food blogger Marketman of, wanted an icon for his lechon (roasted pig) business. So I made a red strutting happy pig. PLACEMAT & PACKAGING: Using the pig icon, I translated it into a placemat design with client's copy. Still in line with the minimalist style of the logo, a dessert spoon label is perfect for the preserves line.
ZUBUDAGAT Zubudagat is a seafood restaurant from the same owner of Zubuchon. So the logo and menu should have the similar look and feel of the iconic happy pig of Zubuchon.
NESTLÉ HEALTH SCIENCE Nutrition Tookit This nutritional toolkit contains 70 pages for nutritionists' demo. It has visually engaging illustrations to make it a more interesting read for nutritionists and patients.
NESTLÉ Corporate Handbooks Various handbooks for Nescafé Coffee Plan, NHSC Cancer Care and Nestlé Supply Chain.
NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO Paper Bag Coffee can be art! Every purchase of an NDG machine comes with these colourful bags. Influenced by the American pop artist Roy Lichenstein.
NESTLÉ ICE CREAM Freezer Decal & Static Sticker Festive decal design for a local flavour and a die-cut sticker to make it stand out in freezers.
THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO ZAPPING THE FRESHMAN 15 Book A fitness guide by NYC-based fitness expert Marsha Irving and beauty editor Mariel Chua Jimenez. The illustrations are young and stylish to appeal to teens in their freshman years. Released in 2009 and available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
WEDDING INVITE A rock star themed wedding invite layout for a friend's wedding.
ORANGE & LEMONS' Album Cover Won best album packaging at a local radio station's, The NU Rock Awards 2005.
LOGOS Various logo designs for local brands in the Philippines.
Graphic Design
Claudette Rodrigo
Freelance Art Director San Francisco, CA