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Cullman Economic Development Agency - An agency that works to develop industrial and economic growth in the Cullman, AL area.
Summit Treestands - Complete redesign of the old Summit Treestands logo.
Petformance - High performance water for your pets.
Regency Air Center - Logo concept for a chain of high-end convenient store/fueling stations located at smaller airfields that cater to private aircraft owners.
VMA logo - Logo created as part of Visual Marketing Associates' brand update.
VMAW icons - Icons created for Visual Marketing Associates Worldwide. The icons are used to illustrate the stages in VMAW's destination branding process.
The Projectory Logo - Logo design for The Projectory. A project management "factory".
ROOTED logo for Go New Orleans. I designed this logo for Crossroads church in Cincinnati as a part of Go New Orleans. Go NOLA is a yearly service project started in partnership with Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans as a way to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The logo was so well liked, Habitat for Humanity New Orleans asked to use it in fundraising efforts.
Aqua Purfect Logo - Logo concept for Aqua Purfect Filtration.
Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector has become one of the most popular brands in the hunting industry. It is built around the idea of brotherhood and bonding over the love of the hunt. The industry tends to be a little on the aggressive side, visually speaking, so I created a logo that spoke to the name of the show and the demographic. I have seen this logo on everything from truck decals to soap dispensers at Bed Bath & Beyond.

A collection of logos I've done over the years.

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Cleve Smith
Associate Creative Director Birmingham, AL