Bronx Zoo Letterhead - This was a full identity project for the Bronx Zoo. Across all parts of the individual project, I aimed to capture the interactive nature of a trip to the Bronx Zoo for children and adults alike. The letterhead "speaks" to the receiver with the sounds of the zoo animals from the moment the person flips over the envelope, opens the envelope, and pulls out the letterhead.
Bronx Zoo Logo - In the logo, I wanted to definitively place the zoo in its Bronx, NY surroundings, rather than have it be a logo for just any zoo. To this end, I created an illustrative logo in which the negative spaces between the giraffe's legs form a portion of the skyline as viewed from a particular park in the Bronx. The combination of birds outside of and in front of the giraffes assist the viewer in seeing both perspectives - two giraffes and a city skyline.
Bronx Zoo Promotional Postcards - In this set of postcards, I wanted to illustrate the effect that we have on wild animal populations in a way that would be accessible to children and adults alike. To do this, I created original illustrations in which human fingerprints literally change the stripe pattern of various wild animals. The illustrations are supplemented with an explanatory message.
Bronx Zoo Identity Project