Assistive Wheelchair Camera Mount (Arduino)

The “assistive wheelchair camera mount” is a portable system created as part of a larger research project titled Arduino For Disabilites. The system was built as an empowering assistive device for a wheelchair-bound individual who combats with the limited movement of his left arm. His passions for photography and disabled rights inspired the creation of this wheelchair camera mount as a solution to his problem. The system is tailored to be comfortably attached to any wheelchair.
When the camera is mounted on the wheelchair (snug in it’s custom moulding and locked in with an easy to turn rubber knob), the user can take hands-free photos by pressing a switch located on the left of the wheelchair, directly next to his left knee. The switch sends a signal to the Arduino underneath of the wheelchair. The signal is sent to a small, sturdy motor located next to the mounted camera that presses gently on the camera’s ‘snap’ button to take a photo.

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William Cohen
UX • UI • HCI • IA Philadelphia, PA