Biz & Lennie

Biz & Lennie is a 2-player cooperative game for Mac and PC. The story takes place in an abandoned laboratory that once belonged to a great inventor. Biz is a tiny robot that has been left behind in the laboratory. Lennie is a friendly house sparrow that is kind enough to help lead Biz to escape the abandoned laboratory. Biz and Lennie must escape each room of the laboratory, conquering puzzles and challenges, before the time runs out. Why are Biz and Lennie stuck in this laboratory? As each level passes, more of the mystery surrounding this eerie laboratory is uncovered.

The purpose of this game is to engage players in a gameplay environment that requires close interaction with each other. The controls for the game are to be used on one keyboard, allowing people to play side-by-side rather than across the room from each other. Playing games closely with others unlocks a positive social intimacy that empowers strengthened person-to-person relationships.

William Cohen
UX • UI • HCI • IA Philadelphia, PA