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Tool Design for Nexus Valve Inc.

Baumeier Corporation hired me to design tools for a company in fishers indianan, Nexus Valve In. Nexus was having trouble with the tools that they were previously using. The tools were breaking in the press and each valve regulator type needed its own press tool, totaling 8 different press tools that needed to be changed out for each different type of insert. My innovation to the problem was to design a completely new press tool that changed how the insert was held, ensuring it would locate into the valve body hole, where it was pressed. The new tool also has a built in system for radially locating the insert, something that was previously done by eyeballing. It also eliminates high wear by holding the insert with a ball and spring. Previously, the insert was held with an O-ring that, when worn, would miss-locate the insert and increase the chance of breaking the tool.

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Cole Snapp
Industrial Designer Indianapolis, IN