The Founders' Gallery Poster by Brad Yeo Design. The poster was awarded a gold medal from the New York Society of Illustrators in 2011. Colleen Sharpe Creative Director, Art Curator, The Founders' Gallery.
Art Curator Colleen Sharpe, Vice Provost, Libraries and Cultural Resources - University of Calgary, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex at the Royal opening of The Founders' Gallery of Art and Heritage, The Military Museums, Calgary, Canada
Detail showing artist A.Y Jackson's paint kit from the 1950s (on loan from Canadian Museum of Civilization) with a view to Jackon's First World War paintings. The colour palate is consistent. The exhibition Art in the Service of War showcased the role of official Canadian war artists through art, artifact and archive.
Image from Dick Averns' exhibition War Art Now on the cover of the exhibition publication.
Detail from the exhibition publication for War Art Now, the art of Dick Avern's Canadian War Artist.
View of the completed The Founders' Gallery
Curation, Founders' Gallery, The Military Museums

In 2008 I was seconded by University of Calgary to The Military Museums to oversee the construction and creation of a new gallery, it's mission, structure, exhibition schedule and branding. The new gallery featured historic, modern and contemporary art in the context of history. In addition to exhibitions I oversaw the creative direction of a television commercial, new logo and poster for the gallery, as well as exhibition publications.

The premiere exhibition Art in the Service of War featured artworks by members of The Group of Seven who were official war artists in the First World War. The exhibition premiered as part of a royal gala opening attended by Countess Sophie of Wessex.

Other exhibitions: War Art Now - Dick Averns, Penelope Stewart -Canopy, War Rugs and Soldiers (coordinator), Prairie Boys at Sea

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Colleen Sharpe
Curator and Creative Manager Calgary, Canada