PASSAGE Art Corridor, 2014

Concept & Curator, Colleen Sharpe - PASSAGE Art Corridor, Dominion Bridge in Ramsay, for New Urban Development.

In October 2013 I was invited to advise on the display of art in a non-traditional space in a historic building that is part of a real estate development project. Goals of the project were to create a space for art that would be used by the local community and be considered an asset to the local arts community. The result is PASSAGE an urban art space that combines ideas of commercial and public art display. Resisting a finite definition, PASSAGE is an experiment, a gallery, a studio and an interlude of aesthetics on one's daily journey.

PASSAGE hosts 3-4 curated exhibitions each year, offers artists an honorarium for display of works and allows artists to offer works on display for sale. Focus is on emerging and mid0career artists from Calgary creating work in a diversity of mediums. Exhibitions are thematic.

Colleen Sharpe
Curator and Creative Manager Calgary, Canada