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Happy Gator - Done for children's textbook company, 15 million circulation.
I LIKE ROBOTS - First two-piece promotional postcard. First the bottom part, then the top part was sent, finishing up the picture.
The Ultimate Waterslide - This is a good example of taking a concept to the final limit. If a client were to tell you, 'Make me the ultimate waterslide', where would you set your limits? I, personally, find it easier to shoot high and then scale down than vice versa.
Team Cyborg: Goalie - The Goalie is my most developed character sheet, currently. He just had so much to offer, concept-wise, I had a lot of fun developing that.
Team Clown: Shorty Hockey Player - Punchy was developed from the shape of those inflatable punching clowns. I definitely can't wait to see him move around!
Team Clown: Hockey Player Shorty - Shorty is one of my favorite players from Team Clown. I enjoy the badass attitude contrasted by the lack of height.
Grunt - This is a character that has been percolating in my head since I was eighteen. I finally not only made a character sheet for him, but also developed a skeletal structure and a backstory for him. I really enjoy creating a story out of every character that I make. It really adds more depth to everything I create.
Bots - Here's more cartoon characters that I developed and created.
Cereal-Eating Lemur - This was a good fusion of Ilustration with Graphic Design, making one of the projects for a fusion of both--a cereal box! Corel Painter 9 was used for the illustration, and all the elements were combined together in Adobe Illustrator CS.
Last Chance Trading Post - A conceptual sketch for a trading post on the edge of oblivion
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