Competition Info.
Outfit 001 (Fe-meow)
Outfit 002 (Mori Princess)
Fe-meow & Mori Princess (2013-05-02)

This is a competition that held by " Promotion Committee".

This outfit was inspired from the mood and shape between lady and cat.
You can find many identical points between them,such as supercilious and slim body.These elements makes people to addicted on them.
I chose to use a hugged fit on this outfit to
symbolize the body line of a lady and cat.And as you see the front part of top there have a net patterned mesh,it represent the fragile of a cat and the sexy feel of lady.
On the other design detail,I separated the legs in different meaning.On the left leg,it mean a women wearing a netted stocking since some people think that long legs are the sexiest part of a lady.And on the other leg,as you see the white is extended from top body to feet,it represented the cat body and it's tail rolled on it's leg.

Mori Princess:
This outfit was inspired from jellyfish.
I used a mori style to present this outfit since their outlook is soft and from nature.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Connie Sang
Fashion Designer London, United Kingdom