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Final Dramaturgy of the Diary once depicted.
Set design. 32 seats.
(c) Hiof-Høgskolen i østfold
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Sationary Wave - A static Dance Experiment

Lenght : 45 min
Fall 2014

A Static Dance Performance using the dramaturgy of a diary.
Each entry has been split into different dramaturgy lines such as sound, light, mood, mouvement, tension and atmosphere. these lines have been layered abd put together on chronologial basis.
From there has been developped a choereography where each support the other to keep the dramaturgy curve up.
Each point(=entry) last 30 seconds, each linbes follows its way while depeicting a single entity.
Architecture, atmospheare, exhaustion, sound, distortion would gather all together to create this abstract narrative form of theater/dance.

Corentin JPM Leven
Scenograph / Performer / Performance Artist Fredrikstad, Norway