I didn't make the Snow white shirt, It's just to show it works with other shirts too
Fabric cut out experiments

I think cut outs in clothing appears time to time. This idea came from a skull shape cut out shirt DIY craziness from my teenager times (I still have it though). I was wondering what if I can create something else than skull, and the cuts give an opportunity to make endless varieties with putting a different coloured/patterned top underneath. I started with the dream catcher inspired thing. Not because I like them that much, I just find the shape interesting for this project. After that I made an experiment to 'finish' the edges (my granny was complaining about they look so unfinished..) I found a way it works but t took really long, and it made the fabric hard, so I don't think I'll ever use that technique again.
After these I had some of the 'wearable paintings' so I figured if they are kind of paintings they would deserve a frame or frames... and they can even swap them. And basically they work with every shirt which has a pattern on the right place.

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Petra Banyai
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