like every collection this deserves a finale... the only problem my model sources are quite limited..means I have only one...but I've done it anyway
It was quite fun when I found that flyer which offers to won a free entry...apparently not for the next weekend party.
Small collection from 2014

Inspired by a shirt recycle idea they made scarves and necklaces out of old shirts.
I found the idea interesting, and later I had an idea to apply these rounded fabric strips on clothing sometimes add beads, or plait. The patterns are simple the added fabric strips make them unique. this is the original collection, but I kept making a wearable variations as well. I wanted to apply those strips on various parts of clothing like on neckline, opened back and skirt etc.
I'm a huge fan of Dr Martens and believe that it works with everything. That's why I usually use them with my collections.
I prefer natural lights and the weird contrast of my designs and abandoned places. My friend helped me take photos of this project .She took half of these photos.
Please note: I'm not a photographer and I don't want to be one either. Considering I can't afford to hire one yet I have to manage the photos and edits myself. So please put your photographer eyes away and try to look at the clothes only.

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Petra Banyai
My art is kind of a mixture of apparel design,... Nottingham, United Kingdom