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big boys
lil guys
got any?
a couple of big red juicy ones
very orange, very round, very flat
does it? - swimming
only in japan
power pack
rep inside
oceanic 815
Bunch-O-Fish - Comp for new campaign.
shrimp print ad
Staple Magazine Ad
Kids Bite Magazine Ad
All Shrimped Up Print ad
Massv new size! Print Ad - (Based on a pre-existing copy.)
T-Sticks Magazine Ad
Gold pour l'Afrique beautés! Magazine Print Ad
CG Sinking Magazine Ad
Champion Trio Magazine Ad
Gold, Ex, SH Color! Magazine Print Ad
Gold,Spir,Exc For Mak Magazine Ad
Fancy Champion Print Ad COMP - ads,Advertising,animals,awards,colors,Commercial,Design,Graphic design,Illustration,Products
Marine family print ad
PPN Hearty Trade Publication Ad
B&W Online Coupon
Crabs Magazine Ad
No Joke Magazine Ad. - To fish lovers everywhere, I'm sorry.
Macrepairs Tri-Fold Pamphlet (Inner)
Macrepairs Tri-Fold Pamphlet (Outer)
Soy Beverage Ad Comp
Macrepairs Ad In Showcase Magazine
Zoo Monkey Ad Comp.
Beach Resort Ad Comp - advertising design photograph
Macrepairs Tri-Fold Pamphlet (Outer)
Garbage Cd Album Cover Comp.
Groove Way Flyer
NFA Logo & Tournament Flyer For Film Production
lienjs - schoolwork
cimas - schoolwork
San Jose Spartans
the photologist
the photologist
Greater Goods Antiques
Greater Goods Antiques
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Corn Syrup Kills
Advertising Designer Hayward, CA