Pulp Planet - This is the first level of an ipad game I am designing graphics for. Character design and the general tone is based on old sci-fi and monster movies.
Nightclub Killers - This is an illustration to promote the shoes in the picture. The client wanted something fantasy like, dark and glossy. The shoes were described to me as being the titled Nightclub killers.
The Catcher in the Rye - An alternate design for the book, based off the original penguin classic's color scheme and quite a vertical design. It's one of those books that people re-read and keep well after they are battered and torn which is part of the aesthetic of this design.
Shibuya Airport - This is a concept piece, as Shibuya city grows up rather than out, traffic has become a big problem. One solution would be a new multi-level airport. Oh and some flying cars of course.
Craig Schulz
craig schulz melbourne, Australia