Simple Footwear Raider - Low-top athletic shoe with heavy duty abilities.
Simple Footwear Raider Mid - Mid-top version of Raider.
Killer - Another boot design for the company I'm working for.
Speed Shark XXL
CFX Challenger - Ralph Lauren RLX inspired boot design.
NOVI Pro Contour
C-Flex Rigger
NOVI Pro Contour II
DNA Hiker II
Superimpose Exercise - Just experimental.
Colorway Test - Exploring different colorways.
Scruffs Animal
Scruffs TR-X
Converse Weapon X - Converse concept inspired by a Michael DiTullo sketch. I also drew some ques from a shark with the incorporation of gills (vents) in the heel counter and triangular shapes.
Converse Weapon X Compilation - Compilation of different colorways.
Nike Future - Yet another design for Nike.
Rocawear Low-Cut - Low-top sneaker designed for Rocawear.
Rocawear Sailor - Boot designed for Rocawear....suede as the upper material with welted outsole.
Nike Women's Plus - Women's athletic shoe.
Champion Women's Pure Sport - Womens' casual/athletic shoe for Champion.
Men's Running Shoe Concept - A discount running shoe for men that features an EVA technology in the heel. There would 4 EVA Balls (balance ball-inspired) for heel shock absorption.
SmartFit Sonic Edition - Shoe I designed for SmartFit pitched towards the boy toddler age-range.
Girls Sneaker Concept - Discount girl toddler concept.
Nike Miami Lifestyle - A lifestyle designed for Nike using the "Miami Nights" colorway from the LeBron 8.
Nike New York Lifestyle - Another design for my Nike Lifestyle collection. This one represents NY. The graphics on the quarter are maps of the streets of the city. The strap is inspired from the Air Yezzy 2.
Nike Cali Lifestyle - This lifestyle represents California. The styling is pitched towards the skateboarder type. The upper would be made of suede. The tag is representation of the California flag.
Nike Chicago Lifestyle - Inspiration coming from the infamous Air Jordan XI...this lifestyle is destined for Chi-City.
Adidas Adizero Trainer X - Trainer designed for Adidas.
Adidas Adizero Trainer X2 - Series 2 of the Trainer X collection.
Nike LeBron X - Concept that I developed for LeBron's next signature shoe. The shoe incorporates Zoom Air, 180 Air Max, 180 Air Pump, and Hyperfuse technologies.
Jordan Trainer 2.3 - Concept for a trainer shoe for the Jordan brand.
Peak Sports Commander - Command respect on the court with these on your feet.
Peak Sports Commander II
Nike Flightposite IV - A quick, personal design project. The goal was to develop a new Flightposite sneaker for Nike.
Nike Flightposite IV - Another colorway a friend requested.
Nubo - This is a concept boot I'm developing for my internship in NYC. The Nubo (Spanish for cover) has the capability of releasing the outsole for easy removal of dirt and debris. More specs coming soon.
Nike Flightposite IV - Another colorway a friend requested.
Nike Flightposite V
KD Pro-Series - Hyperfuse at it's finest.
KD All-Star Series - Design for Kevin Durant....for the next All-Star game. Gotta shine above the rest.
Nike Huarache Beta - I call it the Nike Huarache Beta. Beta because of the Beta heel. The heel is made of Beta Gel which is a high-shock absorbing material.
Melo Knickerbocker - Concept for the next Melo sneaker with Knicks colorway.
Nike Rocket - Strap down for take off!!
Nubo Explanation - Explanation of how the boot would work...
Jordan GT23 - The design on this shoe was inspired by the Nissan GT-R.
Supra Pacman - Pacman-inspired Supra design.
Supra Mrs. Pacman - Pacman inspired Supras....for the ladies!
Jordan Premier - Out shine your opponents.
Jordan Premier 2.3 - Revised version of the orginal Premier. New heel?? I think yes.
Jordan Premier 2.3 - Inside view of the Jordan Premier.
Jordan Premier 2.3 - Compilation shot of the inside and outside view of the Premier.
Jordan 2.3 Premier Outsole
Jordan Premier 2.3 Box - Possible design for the Premier shoe box.
Nike Torpedo - Be Explosive.
Nike Flow - Trainer concept
Nike Flow II
Nike Zoom Kobe VII - This is a concept for the next Kobe shoe. The design is inspired by the Jordan VII. The shoe is the collaboration of two of the best to ever play the game.
Nike Zoom Kobe VII Poster - This would be an advertising poster for the Nike Zoom Kobe VII shoe concept.
Scruffs Midtone
C-Flex 911 - This is another design for the C-Flex line-up. Design includes internal bootie for more comfort and protection from the elements.
DFT Stealth
Boss 101
DFT Gladiator
C-Flex Bronco
C-Flex Duro Mid
Kapriol C-Flex - Different colorway for the C-Flex Mid, pitched to Kapriol Boots.
Kapriol C-Flex - Olive Green colorway.
Kobe III - These are some concept shoes based on the Kobe II's by Adidas. Those shoes were one of my favorite shoe designs ever...I just wanted to bring them back to life. Only if Kobe was still endorsed by Adidas....shame.
Scruffs Mid - Templates for Scruffs Mid concept...
Scruffs Mid - Templates for Scruffs Mid concept...
Scruffs Mid - Templates for Scruffs Mid concept...
Scruffs Mid - Templates for Scruffs Mid concept...
Scruffs Mid - Templates for Scruffs Mid concept...
Scruffs Mid - Templates for Scruffs Mid concept...
Q.DESIGNS X Jordan 8
Q.DESIGNS X Foam2020
Runner X2
Nike 1Cent Concept
Saint Laurent x Q.DESIGNS Collaboration | SL420
Adidas Rita Ora Concept
Adidas Rita Ora Concept
Zara inspired.
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