Red Devil - The 3th car on my series of exotic cars. Done in Illustrator.
Roundheads - Just some stereotype characters for an unnamed project, may change in the final version, the objective was to make them quite simple
Yellow and Kinky - This is the 4th of a series of exotic cars I made for my Illustrator class
Laptop Man - Illustration for a Dell Inspiron online Ad Campaign
Classy wheels - This is the 2nd work I did for my practical exam of illustrator, prior to the first 2 cars I've uploaded earlier
Old Man - An illustration for a healthcare program
Mountain Climber - An illustration for a Nokia 5140 advertising campaign
Extreme Snowboarder - An illustration for a Nokia 5140 advertising campaign
Cycling Girl - An illustration for a Nokia 5140 advertising campaign
Nokia 5140 - Illustration of Nokia 5140 for an Ad Campaign
Laptop Girl - Illustration for a Dell Inspiron Online Ad Campaign
Alien Moods 2 - ok this is the revamped version of the original aliens with a more minimal approach plus some new ones still I'm gonna add many more
Travel in Style - This was my first work in illustrator for my presentation in my illustrator class
Alien Postcard - A simple illustration made as a tribute to all the great support I received from the DeviantArt community.
Amelie - Illustration of a movie character, done vectorial in Fireworks.
Nerd People - Example of cartooning, a character made with simple vectors meant to be used in a future animation project.
Faces of green alien 1 - cartoon mockups of a character invented to be used in animation.
Faces of green alien 2 - cartoon mockups of different outfits for the green alien character
Green Alien Spaceship Wallpapers - Series of wallpapers I did using my green alien character.
Cristhian Serur
Design & Illustration Buenos Aires, Argentina