On The Lot - Concept art & interface development for the reality show On The Lot, broadcasted for latinamerica by People+Arts and promoted by Steven Spielberg.
Mara Aulic Models - Website design for a model agency from Argentina

Aquatica Email Design - Newsletter design for a promotion by Mexicana Airlines, made for Crossmedia Agency.
Mexico Independence Bicentennial Site - Mockup for a site done to commemorate the bicentennial independence of Mexico, made for Crossmedia agency.
Philips Email Mockup - Mockup made for a Philips promotion, made for Crossmedia Agency.
MyCircles - Interface design for a social site similar to MySpace, USA.
Indiviso Studio - Site for the production team formed by me and my friends, it is meant to be simple yet easy to navigate, and will provide a variety of services, including advergames, films, motion graphics and web design
Imarcat Studio - This is the online design for the Photography Studio Imarcat, from Argentina, you can check it out here
Casino Tropicana Interface - A gambling interface that I did for a company some time ago
Buddy Bingo Interface - Another commercial interface that I did for a gambling company
Bingo Royal Interface - A gambling interface I did for a company some time ago
LV Electronics - Interface mockup for an electronics web store, based in Argentina.
Web Interfaces
Cristhian Serur
Design & Illustration Buenos Aires, Argentina