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Facial cleansing wipes packaging concept

The brief:
Wet facial wipes are highly appreciated for being the most convenient cleansing product available. They are used almost exclusively by women. Make-up removal is main reason for wipes usage – in all countries and for all types of make-up. They are mainly used at home (in the evenings), but also in the morning, and sometimes on the go, before or after exercise. Wet facial wipes are often used together with cleansing milk, eye make-up remover and wash gel. Drug stores are the most common distribution channel/place to buy cleansing wipes.
Today facial cleaning wipes are sold in standardized flowpacks with a flexible, re-closable sticky label. Flowpacks are the standard for facial cleansing wipes in the mass market. A common complaint from users is that the wipes often dry out during the usage phase because the re-closable label is not resealed properly or doesn’t stick anymore.
Explore new packaging options for facial cleansing wipes that really stand out.

Cristina Elena Stancu
Architect - Industrial Designer - Packaging Designer București, Romania