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Jagermeister - Label Design Propossals

less is more !

My concept is about straight lines and circles, playing with different line thickness. I made my concept after the phrase "less is more" so I used bold colors to create a maximum contrast between the label/bottle and the typography used in this design. I prefer simple straight design, with the minimum of detail, so I didn`t used too much color, I used enough just to make the important things stand out!

Minimalist. Bold. Creative. Clear. Perfectionist.
This is the true Bauhaus experiment. Using the basic geometrical forms I managed to express the flavor numbers 26, 39, 58, 75, 86 in the true Bauhaus style adapted for our times. Using tone in tone coloring or monochrome style I wanted to make a clear difference and statement between the Jägermeister flavors.

Cristina Elena Stancu
Architect - Industrial Designer - Packaging Designer București, Romania