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Rittersport - Christmas theme packaging proposals

The Brief:
Our key focus: new ideas for sharing Ritter Sport chocolate
To further develop the range, Ritter Sport wishes to add to the range of “sharing” chocolate.

The “sharing” segment can be described with the following sentences/situations:

Sharing chocolate and treats with our families and friends is simply a part of Christmas.
People often have a bowl or dish of festive chocolates and cookies in their homes, which everyone can help themselves to.
During Christmas time, most households have a supply of chocolate at home – for the family to eat themselves or for spontaneous visits from friends and loved ones. The chocolate must therefore be popular with the recipients as well as the person buying it.

The aim of the project is to develop a large selection of ideas to extend Ritter Sport’s Christmas range of sharing products in the future.

Your ideas should be for Ritter Sport Christmas products that contain Ritter Sport minis and Choco Cubes.

Cristina Elena Stancu
Architect - Industrial Designer - Packaging Designer București, Romania